Campbell Creek is getting some TLC from Anchorage youth.

A crew from the Anchorage Park Foundation’s Youth Employment in Parks program is working on erosion control on a portion of the creek near Dowling.

“When the creek flows and it hits corners, it erodes more of the bank and we’re trying to save that from coming down,” said 18-year-old Kylie Barham. “We want to help the earth and the land and save plants and trees.”

They’re installing “core logs” at the base of the bank, then filling in the area with vegetation.

Neighbor Michael Carey stopped by to see their progress on Wednesday. He’s lived in the area for more than 50 years and has fond memories of Campbell Creek.

“This is a cool place to grow up, floating the creek from the Peanut Farm and Road Runner,” he recalled.

Carey appreciates the crew’s modern approach to preventing erosion. He said his neighbors have been doing makeshift work for years.

“We had a neighbor over here who had put cast iron boilers and radiators and tires down in the creek to prevent erosion and doing it ’60s style to what’s going on now,” Carey said.

The teens are also stabilizing the banks by planting more than 300 trees. Crew leader David Arnold said that helps create a network of roots.

“Right now, this vegetation is pretty sparse. By this time next year, these will be sprouted and creating nice, big, green, bushy trees,” Arnold explained.

He said the work they do now ensures the Campbell Creek people know and love will remain a vital part of the community for decades to come.