House Majority Leader Lance Pruitt is back on the campaign trail.

On a Friday in September, less than two months before the general election, rain doesn’t stop Pruitt from making his rounds as he goes door to door in an East Anchorage neighborhood.

Pruitt says campaigning gives him a chance to reconnect with voters.

“I love the people,” said Pruitt. “I love the neighborhood, the community.”

He is seeking his third term in the state House. But Pruitt is facing an obstacle more formidable than a closed door, as one Anchorage man isn’t happy with Pruitt’s performance thus far.

“He just hasn’t walked the walk,” said Brad Keithley of Pruitt.

Keithley is the president of Keithley Consulting, an Alaska-based consultancy that focuses on issues affecting the state’s oil and gas industry. He says he’s spending $200,000 of his own money to oust four state lawmakers, including Pruitt.

“The last two years under his leadership and House leadership, we’ve gone backwards,” Keithley said. “We’ve had the two highest budget deficits in Alaska’s history in the last two years.”

Keithley says he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

“It’s time somebody stood up and say, ‘we can’t do this anymore,'” Keithley said. “We’re spending away the state’s future.”

He plans to buy ads on the web, in newspapers and on flyers that will be placed in mailboxes.

Pruitt, however, says he’s not too worried about Keithley’s efforts.

“I do think that people need to spend just a little time, search through it, find out is the rhetoric really true,” Pruitt said.

But Pruitt isn’t the only politician Keithley wants to unseat. He also has his eyes set on another Republican, Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux. He also says he may get involved in state Senate races.