For those driving through Anchorage, campaign signs that line the streets may have them seeing double.

This week, the Yes on 1 campaign, which advocates keeping Anchorage’s municipal labor law, revealed its new logo, and it looks almost identical to its opponent’s signage.

The No on 1 campaign worries the similar AO-37 signs will confuse voters and hurt campaigning efforts.

“They’re the exact same signage, same colors and same lettering,” said Brian Murphy with the No on 1 campaign. “They are trying to confuse Anchorage voters on exactly if they should be voting yes or voting no.”

The No on 1 campaign believes if Anchorage Ordinance 37 stays, public safety will be in jeopardy.

The Yes on 1 campaign says it intentionally mimicked the signs because it is being outspent at a ratio of 30-to-1.

The idea is that voters will see the similar signs, take a closer look and take action to learn more about what this labor act on their ballot means, the Yes on 1 campaign says.

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