ANCHORAGE – Assembly Member Dick Traini wants the Assembly to repeal AO37, the labor ordinance overhaul.

Traini introduced the measure to kill the bill at Wednesday’s extended meeting.

He said the Assembly has heard months of public testimony, most of it against the bill.

Traini said he opposed the labor law changes from the beginning when the Assembly passed it by a 6-5 vote in March.

He said residents won’t vote for it if it’s on an upcoming ballot so the Assembly should just do away with it now.

“Anytime I have a chance to get rid of defective legislation I will take it and I think I’ve got enough support on the Assembly to pass this, to get rid of it. AO37 was a bad idea. It needs to die a quiet death,” said Traini.

At the October 22 meeting the Assembly will first decide to put the measure on a ballot for voters to decide its fate. Traini said later in the meeting they can decide to repeal it.

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