David Nees is running for Seat F on the Anchorage School Board.

Nees, a math teacher for the Anchorage School District for 28 years, says he wants to take a closer look at the district’s budget if he’s elected to the board.

“I’d like to see the Anchorage School District fund the classroom first, then look at everything else they have to fund,” said Nees. “Protect the classroom, protect the school, protect the teacher.”

Nees says he’s the better candidate for Seat F because he’s “not the same old dance.”

“You’re not going to see me voting for increased budgets, you’re not going to see me voting for the budgets that put the teacher at the forefront of the legislative process,” he said. “You can’t have people trust you for their jobs if they think they’re the first thing on the cutting block every time.”

The 2015 Municipal Election will be held Tuesday, April 7. 

See the video above for the full interview with Nees.