Anchorage resident Hans Thompson has been enjoying the trails in Anchorage for years.

“I moved here when I was about 14, and I’d bike on the trails almost every day growing up,” Thompson said.

Now, Thompson is a homeowner. He says he’s voting yes to Prop 4 on Election Day April 7. If it passes, Prop 4 would acquire $2.75 million for the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department.

“We have a world-class park system, and we need to maintain it,” Thompson said.

If approved, property owners in the Anchorage Parks and Rec service area will have to pay about $1.50 per every $100,000 their property is assessed at.

$1.75 million of the funds will be used to repair and replace bridges along the greenbelt trails. The pedestrian bridge connecting Chester Creek to the Coastal Trail has been out of commission since June 2014.

“I personally would like to see the trails completed and up and maintained and working,” said Prop 4 supporter Shanette Harper.

Another $750,000 will go toward rehabbing and resurfacing the Campbell Creek and Chester Creek Trails.

“I would support it because I think we need to be outside more often,” said Prop 4 supporter Star Rivera.

Rivera says she feels the trails are an integral part of this city’s infrastructure and should be preserved to benefit the future.

“We’re in Alaska. This is what’s it’s all about,” Rivera said. “If we don’t bring our kids up, you know, showing them what’s important, being out and about and being a part of a community, I think we lose out on what Alaska is all about.”

In all, there are seven bond propositions on this year’s ballot. Early voting for the April 7 election began last week.

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