JUNEAU – After a roller coaster morning at the Capitol, a scheduled vote on Senate Joint Resolution 9 has been postponed.

The measure known as the School Choice or School Voucher Amendment was pulled and sent back to the Senate Rules Committee.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority leaders said they expected a vote on Wednesday. Sen. Mike Dunleavy, one of the leading proponents of SJR 9, said he believed there were enough votes to pass the measure. Many political insiders questioned the logic of bringing SJR 9 up for a vote, because they didn’t believe the votes were there.

SJR 9, which would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, requires a two-thirds majority or 14 votes to pass. The measure asks voters whether to overturn a state constitutional ban on spending public money on private schools.

Signs of trouble emerged in the morning, when the scheduled 11:00 a.m. Senate floor session was pushed back to the afternoon.

Gov. Sean Parnell, in his state of the state address, pushed passage of SJR 9 and said at the very least, there needed to be serious discussion of the bill.

Those who were looking forward to that debate today were disappointed.