ANCHORAGE – A bill that would allow guns on campus and in university classrooms has some university leaders up in arms.

Right now, guns are allowed on university grounds, but must be left inside of cars in parking lots.

They are not allowed in dorms, in classrooms, labs or venues.

Senate Bill 176 would change that.

The bill would allow open carry and concealed carry of all types of guns inside of classes, dorms, everywhere on campuses.

The carrier would have to be 21 years old and possess a concealed handgun permit.

Leaders of the statewide University of Alaska system are opposed to the bill because they say it raises a number funding, safety and practical issues.

They also believe allowing guns into classes will take a toll on the academic setting of teaching and learning in the classroom.

UA spokesperson Kate Ripley says the University of Alaska system as a whole, all 16 campuses, opposes SB 176.

Ripley says the University of Alaska President Patrick Gamble will be voicing the system’s concerns before the Legislature Wednesday in Juneau.