The Legislature passed the Alaska Safe Children’s Act on Thursday. The Senate passed it unanimously and the House of Representatives passed it with a vote of 37 – 1, with dissent from Rep. Tammie Wilson.

Also known as “Erin’s Law,” House Bill 44 requires schools to teach all students how to recognize sexual assault and abuse. Another section of the bill — referred to as Bree’s Law, named for Breanna Moore, who investigators say was killed by her boyfriend — requires specific instruction on dating violence.

The bill was altered and more education related items were added before the final version made it to a vote. There was concern that the extra items were controversial and would lose support of lawmakers.

In the end, Butch and Cindy Moore, who advocated for the teen dating violence education, say the bill as passed will be effective.

“It was a huge fight I guess we weren’t expecting it to take this long and to fight this hard for a bill that is so simple and so positive for Alaska,” said Cindy, Bree’s mother.