A ballot initiative that would register Alaskans who qualify for the Permanent Fund dividend to vote has been approved for the primary ballot in April.

Alaska Division of Elections Director Josie Bahnke announced Monday the signature petitions were properly filed.

During the signing of the certification documents with Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott Monday morning, she noted that the initiative would be the only one on the ballot during the primary election on Aug. 16.

“I’m pleased the division was able to complete this process before the March 14 deadline,” Mallott said in a statement.

The sponsors of the initiative were required to submit at least 28,545 signatures within one year, “including at least 7 percent of those who voted in the previous election in 30 House districts,” Bahnke explained. The Division of Elections verified 36,907 voter signatures.

Sponsors of the initiative said in August that, if approved, the measure could significantly increase voter turnout.

“In a time of shrinking budgets, we need to make sure our government systems work as efficiently as possible,” said Pat Redmond, the President of League of Women Voters, in a statement. “PFD Voter Registration gives us a way to kill two birds with one stone by using the resources we already have in place at the PFD Division to make our voter registration system more secure, straightforward, and cost-effective.”

Correction: An earlier version of this report incorrectly named April for the primary election. This has been amended.