Steve Lindbeck is now the 24th person to try to unseat Alaska’s longest-serving congressman, Rep. Don Young. He doesn’t have the same name recognition as past contenders, but he’s hopeful his personal outreach can make up the difference.

Phone call after phone call, Lindbeck has managed to mount a competitive campaign against Young. He’s raised even more than the congressman in recent months, a seemingly David-and-Goliath task given Young’s 43 years in office.

“A lot of people out there are looking for somebody new,” Lindbeck said.

Lindbeck said he’d work his way into a leadership role by “diving in.”

“You do the work, you work with people and you work hard to learn the issues,” the Democrat said.

Lindbeck’s background is in media, not politics, but he said many of his supporters see that as a positive. As the former journalist and CEO of Alaska Public Media, he has focused his campaign on Young’s negative.

“I don’t think he should be caught by the FBI taking $60,000 dollars worth of gifts,” Lindbeck said in an online campaign ad.

Lindbeck is standing by the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, but has criticized Young for not dumping Trump.

“I just think it’s completely inappropriate for a guy with his character to be considered as President of the United States or as commander in chief,” Lindbeck said of Trump.

If elected, Lindbeck vowed he will reach across the aisle with a long list of asks for Alaska — with Anchorage first in mind.

“The Anchorage port obviously needs some help,” Lindbeck said.

Will Alaska throw out the old and start over with someone new, or keep what it’s got going in Congress? The polls are your place to choose.

Young’s other challengers include Libertarian Jim McDermott, non-affiliated Bernie Souphanavong, and write-in candidates Stephen Wright and Zachary Kile.

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