The Alaska Department of Administration sent out notices to thousands of employees June 1, warning of layoffs if lawmakers don’t pass a budget on July 1.

Thursday, Governor Walker ordered the Walker-Mallott Administration set up an incident command structure to prepare Alaskans for a potential government shutdown, according to a press release from the Governor’s office.

According from a press release from the Department of Law, Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth sat down with legislative leadership in both the House Majority and Senate Majority to brief them on the executive branch’s preparation for a potential shutdown of state government. If the legislature fails to pass a budget by June 30, the State will be in uncertain and unprecedented territory.

“A shutdown would put the State in a constitutional crisis,” said Attorney General Lindemuth. “Our constitution clearly says the power to determine where and how to spend money lies with the legislature. In the face of the legislature not upholding its constitutional duty, where does that leave state services and programs? That’s the question we are working to answer by evaluating every program or service provided by the State.”

For details, read the press release below.