Homer City Council – Tom Stroozas, David Lewis, Mayor Bryan Zak, Heath Smith, Shelly Erickson, Donna Aderhold and Catriona Reynolds.

Three Homer City Council members in a recall election have retained their seats– for now– as hundreds of votes have yet to be counted.

Catriona Reynolds, David Lewis and Donna Aderhold sponsored a resolution that promoted inclusivity after President Donald Trump was elected. The resolution stated its opposition to actions targeting specific minority groups based on their religion, cultural or racial heritage and sexual identity or orientation, aiming instead to be “a safety net for the most vulnerable members of and visitors to our community.”

A revised version later failed to pass the council. Shortly after, some residents, who say the move was an effort by the council to turn Homer into a “Sanctuary City” and unlawful political activism by the three accused, gathered enough signatures for a special election.

City Clerk Melissa Jacobsen told the Associated Press that about 850 are outstanding and that counting is scheduled to resume Friday.