You wouldn’t consider these seventh-grade algebra students football fanatics. But you can bet they know who the defending Super Bowl champions are.


In a way, Seattle Seahawks fan John Bruce is like coach in the classroom, teaching his students ways to use math in the real world.


“Kids always ask you, ‘why are we doing this?'” said Bruce, a math teacher at Romig Middle School. “And if there’s no purpose for why they’re doing it, then you haven’t hooked them.”


Hook them when they’re young and they’ll most likely be sending you thank you notes when they’re older.


“There was a student who graduated [from] Harvard, sent me a letter and said thank you,” Bruce said. “And right there, that goes a long ways.”


Former students aren’t the only ones who have thanked Bruce. He was named Teacher of the Year by the Alaska Department of Education. To pick the winner, the department looks at a written application, a video snapshot of the teacher and an interview.


“To have an award of Teacher of the Week to have an award of Teacher of the Year, it really pushes teachers to do more,” he said.


More laughing. More attention to detail. It’s the small things that will make a difference, Bruce says.


“It’s rewarding for me to watch them shine, to watch them smile and to be proud and happy with their finished product,” Bruce said.


A finished product that will most likely have a familiar mascot on it.


Congratulations to Bruce, KTVA’s Teacher of the Week.


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