If you’re excited about something, there’s a good chance the people around you will get excited too. It’s the secret to one history teacher’s success in the Mat-Su Valley.


Daybreak’s James Gaddis learned firsthand how Peter Kamilos’ passion and curiosity to know about our past is having a big impact on our kids’ future at Wasilla High School.


“Go where your curiosity is,” his parents preached.


“And you can’t be curious about what’s going on around us and then not ask questions,” Kamilos said. “Why are things the way they are?”


It’s that curiosity that fuels his teaching.


“Stories is really what I do,” he said. “That’s what history and English and social studies all are: stories. It’s stories about relationships.”


Every time students walk into the classroom, they brace themselves for Kamilos’ happiness and energy — just what his sleepy second-period students need.


“If they see the energy we have, they’ll start to ask questions,” he said. “And when they start asking questions, all we have to do is get out of the way.”


Stories of Alaska’s past were the focus of the day, such as how World War II brought about a population boom and a new way to get to the Last Frontier. But it’s the stories yet to be told that he’s most excited for.


“I get paid to show up every day and build relationships with young people who really are going to do a lot more impressive things than I will ever do,” Kamilos said. “So, I’m meeting the next generation. I’m meeting the next leaders. I’m meeting people that I already admire.”


Congratulations to Peter Kamilos, KTVA’s Teacher of the Week.


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