KTVA’s Teacher of the Week for Dec. 8 hails from Wasilla and says staying active has always been a big part of her life. Christa Hayes, physical education instructor at Machetanz Elementary, says her goal is to get the kids up and moving, starting in the morning.


Hayes starts every day with a smile, ushering students into school.


“Kids [are] what makes my job the best,” she remarked as she laced up her running shoes before class. “[I] see them come in, get their heart pumping. They can’t wait to tell me what they did over the weekend or what they did last night to stay active.”


Activity in the classroom isn’t limited to the physical, the student’s brains get a boost as well.


“I love to incorporate different concepts, such as math and writing, a lot of health and a lot of nutrition,” Hayes said.


Today’s lesson: Floor Hockey 101


Hayes is serious about health and fitness and says she hopes her teaching reaches beyond the gym. According to a recent study, more than 15 percent of Alaska’s children (ages 2 -19) are classified as obese. Hayes is working hard to change that statistic.


“I had a student come back and tell me she was going to school to be a physical education teacher, so that meant a lot to me,” she said.


To others, Hayes is an inspiration.


“I’m just pretty honored,” she said. “I just do my best and I believe I have the best job, which allows me to be full of joy and be the best that I can be. And [the] Mat-Su has some pretty amazing physical education teachers.”


Teaching others the importance of play, every day, is what Hayes strives to do.


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