Kindergarten teacher Caroline Nishimura is one of the original educators at Northern Lights ABC School, which was founded in 1978.


On Monday, she joined Daybreak on the couch to reveal the secrets to her success in the classroom.


“I really do love my job. I think that’s part of what makes me a successful teacher because I like what I do,” Nishimura said.


Connecting with her students is also important, especially with kids of varying learning abilities.


“I assess each and every child to see what their learning style is. I try to teach to their learning style while I’m developing all the other strengths that they need to have,” Nishimura said. “I think that’s what makes the children feel comfortable.”


After 36 years, Nishimura realizes that even the youngest leaders of tomorrow need to keep up with the changing world.


“I think as we look at how quickly our society is changing, how quickly technology is taking over, the world is a different place. We really do need to give them a strong foundation of basic skills in order to be successful students,” Nishimura said. “That would be mainly teaching them to listen, teaching them to follow instructions, teaching them to speak their minds and then followed by teaching them to read, write, spell and especially getting along with other children.”


Congratulations to Nishimura, KTVA’s Teacher of the Week.


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