Nina Brady has been making a difference in her students’ lives for more than 28 years. She credits her success to communication — with the families and parents — that she builds over time.


“You get to know the parents and therefore your communication line is very connected with the home,” said Nina Brady, a teacher at American Charter Academy in Wasilla. “It’s the home that’s the real seed of the success of the students.”


Brady has taught some of her students for years, as well as their older brothers or sisters. She compares her classroom to a one-room schoolhouse — the students get to know her very well and she gets to know their family because they live right in the area.


“She’s a good teacher,” said Abel Ravencraft, one of Brady’s middle school students. “She brings out the best in you.”


Mrs. Brady’s coworkers at American Chart Academy agree, and say they see students learn and grow over the years with the help of her guidance.


“We have a principal who gives me such latitude and is positive,” Brady said. “The whole staff is positive and works together. It’s a very, very comfortable environment to be in.”


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