A mix of in-class learning and rec-room activities has been a successful combination for KTVA Teacher of the Week Jackie Morris.


“They get up and they get down and they get up, so they’re not sitting in their seat all day. I couldn’t sit in my seat all day,” explained Morris.


A dice game that helps students learn to multiply numbers and a spelling competition called “Sparkle” keep her third-grade students at Spring Hill Elementary School entertained and engaged.


“She’s just seriously awesome,” said student Grace Choi. “I would want her for like my whole school life.”


Students said Mrs. Morris doesn’t just make learning fun, but she is also very supportive.


“She gives us compliments when we get it right. She’s not mad at us when we get it wrong,” explained third-grader Gabriel Fisher.


Morris responded, “I just ask my kids to do their best, and when they do their best, I’m a happy teacher.”


Morris has been teaching at Spring Hill Elementary School for 12 years. She got the “teaching bug” while instructing young skiers at Arctic Valley. Her husband encouraged her to go back to school to get her teaching degree. A dozen year later, Morris attributes her success to a love of teaching.


“And, when you love something that deeply, you’re going to put more than 100 percent in,” she said.


Morris’ twin sister teaches a fifth-grade class in Wasilla. Her brother teaches math at South Anchorage High School.


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