Anchorage — Heather King describes herself as a three-dimensional thinker, who strives to make every lesson as hands-on and interactive as possible.


“It’s the best job in the world,” King said. ” I don’t know why anyone would do anything else. Every day you make a difference and positive one for the future, which I think is the point of living.”


King has been teaching for 15 years and says her enthusiasm for teaching has only grown over the years. That’s the secret to her success.


“I think you have to be enthusiastic with anything to be good at it,” said King. “I absolutely love this job and every last one of these kids.”


King’s fifth-graders are learning about westward expansion and the Oregon Trail. Instead of reading about it in a book, the students are practicing outdoor survival skills like how to set snares and build their own fire and shelter. This week, they’ll put their skills to the test at camp.


“When we learn about it, we don’t have to look it up in books,” said Ajay Johnson, a fifth-grade student. “We learn with games, with partners and groups.”


“These are the most wonderful people on earth,” King said. “Every single year, it’s the best class that I’ve ever had and I’m sure I’ll think that every year, forever.”


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