A support system for kids who need a little extra help, study skills teachers play an important role at East High School.


“A person looking out for them,” said KTVA’s Teacher of the Week Malene Johnson. “More of like a cheerleader and a mentor. And, you know, if I have to, not be hard on them, but help them get things done I’m that person, too.”


Johnson is one of four study skills teachers at East. The class teaches students how to be better organized, take notes, study and write, so they can perform better in their other classes.


“Yeah, it’s not like a traditional classroom where you’ve got, you know, 30 students and your lesson plan and you’ve got everything figured out,” Johnson said.


Aside from the pre-planned lessons, Johnson typically doesn’t have the day scheduled until her students walk in the door. A good portion of her time is spent one-on-one with students. Together, they tackle any issues a student might be having in any one of their numerous subjects.


Ms. Johnson uses a lot of positive reinforcement to get through to her kids. Her students said they appreciate her kind approach. Johnson said her secret to success is building those positive relationships.


“Right off the bat. And, just creating that culture of positivity and respect and building that from the ground, then going from there.”


Johnson began her teaching career at East High School as a Spanish teacher. She moved to Southeast where she taught social studies and study skills, before making the move back to East High School this year.


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