ANCHORAGE — This is Angi Alexander’s first full year of teaching, and she’s already being recognized for her ability to bring out the best in her second-grade students.


She’s been teaching them on how to implement small acts of kindness with people in their community in a program they call, World Changers.


“This week, they decided they wanted to bless their parents,”Alexander said. “Which is a really great idea, their parents have helped us do so many of these projects.”


The project for their parents include writing positive things they appreciate about their parents on popsicle sticks. Other projects for World Changers include sending cards for animal shelter workers, veterans and other teachers in the school.


“They were so interested in, ‘How can I make a difference in the world?,'” Alexander said. “We started talking about… you need a sharp mind but you need a sharp heart too. You need to learn how to listen to others.”


Teaching her students to listen and care about others, is just one of the secrets to her success.


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