Rodney Wild isn’t one to shy away from competition.


“When you get knocked down, you get back up. Not literally but figuratively.” Wild explained from his classroom. “When things don’t go well, you have options you have choices. You can quit or you can get back up, get back in the game and compete.”


Wild tells that to both his hockey players and students. He’s been coaching and teaching at Chugiak High School for about 18 years and has become a staple in the community. The connections he builds with students over the course of their high school career continues after graduation.


“He’s hard on us, but it’s because he expects a lot from us,” said Lena Wild, his daughter and a student at Chugiak. “He’s actually harder on me. I go home and he’s still talking about school.”


Wild and his daughter are close. He accepted his Teacher of the Week certificate with her by his side. “We’re extremely close,” added Lena. “I love it.”


Wild has more than coach and teacher on his resume, he’s also a body builder. Earlier in April, he was the first grand master to win the overall portion in a local body building competition. Wild says this may be his last show but he’ll never stop competing.


As for his favorite part about teaching? “The connections with the kids. It’s by far the most fun.”


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