ANCHORAGE – A kindergarten teacher at Ocean View Elementary School says her goal is to develop little minds into “awesome citizens of society.”


“My passion is to see those minds grow and develop and watch those little light bulbs go on,” said KTVA 11 Teacher of the Week Rachael Scott.


Scott has been teaching elementary education for 15 years and is currently wrapping up her first year in a kindergarten class.


“Their minds are so brilliant. They’re sponges,” explained Scott. “You can introduce something to them and the excitement on their face when they understand something is honestly, priceless.”


Seemingly always enthusiastic, Scott keeps her students engaged with lively lessons, positive feedback and plenty of encouragement.


“I think building that connection and just believing in them is what makes my classroom a success,” Scott said.


A graduate of Service high School, Scott is a third generation Alaskan.



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