Redington Junior/Senior High School English teacher Agnes Bowers got a jump-start on her teaching career when she was only in second grade.


“I would actually come home and have a classroom of stuffed animals and I would teach whatever I learned that day,” said Bowers.


KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week now teaches living, breathing high school students.


“High school is really fun because you can go a little bit deeper into things. I love having those conversations of why. Why do we think this, why do we do this?” explained Bowers.


She said the secret to her success is her ability to connect with her kids.


“Trying to get to know each student. Trying to have that relationship with each student so that way it’s not just this standoffish, you’ve got to do what I say,” Bowers said. “I try to interact and see what makes them tick. Why they act the way they do. What they like and that helps a lot.”


Students said those connections help foster an inviting classroom environment.


“She makes me happy that I come to school and that she’s my teacher. Can’t ask for a better teacher than her,” said 10th-grader Jaiden Straughn.


Bowers, who also teaches science, helps run the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance and is working to secure grants to start an agricultural club at the school.




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