For nearly three decades, Debbie Wakefield has been teaching music at Bayshore Elementary. This week, she’s KTVA’s Teacher of the Week.


Wakefield has left a mark on her students in 28 years of teaching, some of which are the children of her former students, just like her music teacher left on her years ago. When she was a young girl, she was encouraged by her music teacher, who gave free voice lessons during study hall.


“My grades were going up because I felt like I had something I was good at,” Wakefield said.


One of the reasons she’s been so successful is a strong belief in the Orff Process, which is a method of teaching, developed by Carl Orff, that uses activity and play to help kids learn music. That’s probably why there’s not a lot of sitting in her classroom.


When children leave her class, she said she wants to have a love and appreciation of music in life. That, according to Wakefield, is one of her goals.