Perry Lewis’ classroom at Eagle River High School is his stage. His script is an adaptation of the history books.


“I kind of joke that I’m a frustrated actor, and here’s my captive audience,” he said of his students.


Perry’s performances are history lessons that could be characterized as dramatic comedies. And that could very well be his secret to success — using humor to break down the barrier between teacher and student.


“I guess I try, from my standpoint, to make it so that it’s not just stuffy books and dates,” KTVA’s Teacher of the Week explained of his tactics. “It employs quite a bit of tools to try and get people who aren’t inherently interested in stuff that took place 200 years ago to find some connection to their own personal lives, and in a way in which they find that material meaningful.”


One of Perry’s students noted that before taking his class, history to her was “facts and dates and all that stuff” — things she would just copy and memorize for the sake of the grade. But Perry puts history into perspective for her and her fellow classmates, which means he’ll likely be remembered in their own personal history books even after they’ve moved on from his class.




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