Thomas Pease strives to get his students to be team players. He teaches language arts at Mears Middle School and structures his classroom to encourage interaction.


“To be successful adults you have to learn to work together,” said Pease. “That’s a larger lesson I’d like my students to learn.”


Pease is patient with his students and thoughtful in his interactions and explanations.


“He really stands out as a teacher,” said September Sell, a seventh-grader. “He takes time to read us stories and show us spelling errors and grammar.”


Pease teaches reading and writing through several types of exercises, including a fast write; a type of writing that allows his students to explore their own voice.


“The fast writes give them an opportunity to be more creative,” Pease said. “Then there’s the sharing component. It’s important to have an audience for your writing.”


Mr. Pease models that example in his own life. He belongs to a book club, a writing group and occasionally gets a piece of work published.


“Boy, I love my job,” Pease said. “I love coming to work everyday and I think probably, most of all, students are a source of energy for me.”


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