At just 9 years old, Erica Arnold was inspired by her fourth-grade teacher, Ken McCormick, to become a teacher herself.


“I just remember learning about aerodynamics and those were our spelling words and we dropped eggs from the ceiling of the school and we went out ice skating and learned about energy,” explained Arnold. “I knew right then that that’s exactly what I wanted to do.”


KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week has worked in similar ways to keep her fourth-grade students engaged at Ravenwood Elementary School. She creates fun lesson plans, group projects and encourages verbal communication during class.


“I just want them to come to school and love it. I want them to smile and enjoy it,” said Arnold.


She works to create a classroom environment where kids feel confident to be themselves.


“I want them to know that they are safe. That they are loved. That I care about them unconditionally. That they’re going to enjoy every single day,” explained Arnold.


“She’s amazing. She’s happy all the time. She has a wonderful spirit and she cares about everyone,” said fourth-grader Dallin Roberts.


Arnold began her career teaching second- and third-graders at Baxter Elementary School. She has taught fourth grade at Ravenwood Elementary school the last three years and helps run student council, Battle of the Books, and the Explorers club.


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