He’s a math teacher by trade and aviator at heart.


“It’s my hobby,” said Randy Marsh. “So you don’t say no to teaching your hobby.”


Marsh is a math and aviation teacher at Clark Middle School. He uses model airplanes to go over math lessons and has students work on flight simulators during in-class exercises.


“I’d rather be doing things that they think are fun than just do worksheets all the time,” Marsh said. “There’s a place for both, but if it’s fun it ends up being a little better for them.”


Marsh got his pilot’s license when he moved to Alaska years ago, and says he tries to fly at least once a week in his Cessna 172. Flying is a skill he encourages his students to explore as a potential career opportunity.


“It’s one of the top 10 paying jobs that does not require a college degree,” Marsh added.


He likes to use the Wright brothers as an example to illustrate that if you work hard, anything is possible.


“Wilbur and Orville had no background, had no college. They decided, ‘We want to do this.’ They were the first to be successful at it, but it took hard work,” Marsh said.


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