For Kaity Williamson, teaching is her dream job.


“Every day is different,” she explained. “The kids are awesome.”


Williamson is a biology teacher at Service High School and is helping her students explore careers in biomedical sciences. “Health care is definitely an up and coming need in this nation and our kids are hopefully going to fill a void,” Williamson said.


Williamson helped co-found the Biomedical Career Academy (BCA) at Service.


“I want to say almost all of our students stay in the science or healthcare filed after they leave,” Williamson said. “Every year they come back and tell us what they’re doing is so easy in college because they already learned it in high school,” she said.


The BCA program has about 160 students, all interested in pursuing medical sciences and health care after high school. The goal is to extend learning outside the classroom.


“It’s definitely worth it because I’m able to learn what I want and be with people who are more liked minded,” said Even Dook, a student in the BCA Program. “[Williamson] is very supportive and she’s really willing to actually break down information for us and review it with us when we hit walls.”


Students take four years of science classes and, with the help of Williamson, students compete in national competitions and learn about current medical practices.


“I love teaching,” Williams said. “The kids, they’re the rock stars in all this. This is very teacher facilitated but the kids are doing all the work, they’re doing the research; I’m around to answer questions and help guide them.”


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