Rebecca Julian says she may be strict, but her students know she cares about them


“They [students] know the expectations and we get a lot done that way,” said Julian, a third and fourth grade teacher at Nunaka Valley Elementary School.


Julian has been teaching at Nunaka for 18 years, and says the school feels like one big family.


“The kids here and the parents they welcome you,” she said. “The kids look up to. They say, ‘Mrs. Julian, you care about me.'”


She believes in incorporating technology into lessons whenever she can. Students work on laptops almost daily and this past school year she taught them how to code.


Impressive, yes. But that’s not what Julian is most proud of.


“Myself and another teacher took our kids here at Nunaka to state for Battle of the Books,” she said. “I’ve been doing Battle of the Books for about 15 years and a title one school has never taken first place.”


Julian’s students took first place for two years in a row.


“We put Nunaka on the map,” said Mrs. Julian.


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