Although relatively new to Anchorage, Marissa Evans is already making a significant impact on students at Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage.


“It’s not about me and my perfect plans, but it is very much about them and the journey that we’re taking and if I keep that in mind it really helps me to push through,” said Evans.


KTVA’s Teacher of the Week is now in her second year teaching fourth grade at Holy Rosary Academy.


Whether social studies or reading, her lessons often offer her students a chance to be creative.


“They have such a capacity for wonder. And such imaginations. That’s my favorite thing. I love tapping into their imagination,” said Evans. “I love having them do creative projects. We spent a whole week building castles once and that was one of the most fun weeks of the year.”


During post-recess reading sessions, her kids are encouraged to draw or color a picture that relates to the story. Praising their work along the way, Evans says it helps to build their confidence.


Prior to teaching in Anchorage, Evans taught elementary music in Denver and Minnesota. That passion for music is still alive at Holy Rosary Academy, where Evans is also the school’s band director.


Whether teaching her fourth graders or kids in the band, Evans said she wants all her students to come away with the same lesson learned.


“I want them to know that they are talented and beautiful human beings. That they all have different gifts and their gifts are all necessary in our community. That they’ll be wonderful at one thing and their neighbor will be wonderful at another thing and that’s OK. And that they need to encourage each other, build each other up and accept their own strengths and weaknesses.”


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