Second-grade teacher Stefanie Stacey believes in hands-on learning.


“I try to do more projects because it seems to be more engaging for them,” said Frau (Mrs. in German) Stacey, who teaches at Rilke Shule German School in Anchorage. “It’s more fun for me, too.”


Her classes are taught entirely in German, and her students don’t miss a beat, interacting with each other and Frau Stacey in her native language. Students receive lessons in German for half the day; for the other half, their lessons are taught in English.


“Even though sometimes you think, ‘Are they getting it?’, and you question yourself … they jot it down or you get an answer,” said Frau Stacey. “You’re like, ‘Oh wow! They did get it.'”


Frau Stacey tries to put herself in her students’ shoes to think of how they would learn best.


“I think, how it is for them? How would it be if I were them, if I were their age?” she added. “I love the kids, being around the kids. I think it’s really great to see them grow, to see them experience things in a different way than I look at it.”


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