Travis Harrington is giving back to his community. He was a Chugiak Mustang and grew up playing the trumpet.


“It was always my goal to come back to the community,” he said. “Being raised in such an awesome place and give back to it.”


This is Harrington’s 20th year teaching band at Mirror Lake Middle School. He also coaches soccer, wrestling and mountain biking.


“Music, most people would think it would be my main focus,” Harrington said. “But I like to try to introduce students to music as something that keeps them balanced and well rounded.”


Harrington tries to get his students involved in as many different activities as possible. It’s an age when he thinks students should keep an open mind about their interests and talents.


“Many students, believe it or not, by sixth grade show up convinced totally set in stone, ‘I am a hockey player’, ‘I only like reading’, ‘I can’t do any music whatsoever’, “Harrington said. “It’s kind of fun to turn that on its ear.”