As Tudor Elementary School transitions to the Montessori Model this year, first-year teacher Jessica Mallory is helping to lead the charge.


“These students really take ownership in their learning,” said Mallory.


The school is easing into the transition. It started by combining kindergarten and first-grade students into the same classroom, one of which is headed by Mrs. Mallory.


“Just watching them grow and learn and be able to become independent themselves and seeing that success is very rewarding,” explained Mallory.


KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week said part of her success stems from keeping the classroom a safe, inviting and fun place to learn.


“I just want them wanting to come back tomorrow. Where they can’t wait to see what we’re going to do tomorrow,” said Mallory.


She also said it’s important to be respectful.


“Showing them the same respect I would like them to show me. It’s just treating them as individuals and as people and being interested in what they’re doing both inside school and outside of school,” said Mallory.


While this is her first year at Tudor Elementary School, Mallory has taught for nine years overall at the elementary level.


She expects to teach a combined 1st/2nd-grade class next year.



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