Tamela Kile has nearly 40 years experience teaching elementary education.


“I love children. I think they’re our tomorrow. I celebrate them,” said Kile.


For the last three years she has taught third grade at Academy Charter School in Palmer.


Before that she was a Montessori teacher in Texas for 35 years. She said she still incorporates the educational method to keep her current students engaged.


“I bring a lot of that knowledge in when I’m teaching children,” explained Kile. “We do hands on. We like to talk about what our findings are and what we’re seeing and that’s Montessori basis exploration also.”


Regardless of the lesson, Kile pushes her kids along with plenty of positive reinforcement to boost their confidence.


“There’s hugs, and congratulations, and ‘good job’ and a lot of positive reinforcement,” said Kile. “And I think that that makes a child’s self awareness and self esteem grow.”


Kile’s students gave her glowing reviews. None better than the one from third-grader Cascade Stone.


“When I first came to this school I thought, ‘I won’t fit in,'” explained Stone. “But when I met her my life completely changed because she’s nice to me and I’ve never had a teacher that’s so nice to me.”


Kile’s ability to connect with kids has always been a strong suit of hers. So has her ability to change with the times after nearly four decades in the classroom.


“Children change. The technology. The information that they get now and parenting,” said Kile. “When I first started out, mothers didn’t work. So, parenting styles have changed and children are so much more aware and you have to take that into consideration.”

















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