Kathy Campbell has worked in active war zones and debriefed a four-star general in the United States Army, but she feels it’s in the classroom where she is making the most difference.


“I feel like I’m making a difference in the world. I’m helping really truly to make citizens that every day I can see growth,” Campbell said. “I feel like I make more of a difference here than in anything else I’ve ever done.”


Campbell is a retired Army colonel who worked in intelligence during the Iraq War. She believes in hard work, structure and challenging her AP high school students to think critically.


“People want answers and they want people to understand what’s going on,” Campbell said. “To be a global citizen means that you’re participating by at least knowing what’s going on, reading on whats going on, looking with a critical eye on what’s going on.”


That means reading up on current events and getting involved; Campbell encourages her students to find the truth.


“I’m constantly trying to get my students to not just look at social media, not just look at CNN or Fox News, or just the radio, or just my favorite magazine, because in order to get to ground truth you have to get to many sources.”


Keeping up on current events is a big part of Campbell’s class, and students find it relevant and enlightening.


“I really enjoy taking her AP classes because a lot of time she incorporates her military experience into it,” said Sarah Feinstein, a student at Eagle River High School. “All of the life experiences she’s had really impacted the class especially with this year being an election year.”


Campbell wants her students to get involved and become global citizens.


“The movers, the shooters, the communicators on change and making sure that the world gets better instead of just complaining about things,” Campbell said. “Understanding their part in it, that they do have a voice.”



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