MyHouse Mat-Su, a nonprofit that helps homeless youth, is the one now needing help after someone broke into the offices after they closed Monday night.

Directors say the suspect broke in through the store’s back door, then riffled through a drawer once inside the building.

“Payroll checks were right there, we think some are missing,” said Jay Dagenhart, who helps run MyHouse.

The suspect also broke into the safe and emptied it.

“We wound up losing several thousands of dollars in gas cards, Wal-Mart cards, Target cards, all of the titles to our vehicles were in there, and the life savings of one client,” Dagenhart said.

The client, Sebastian Short, is not worried about his $85. His concern is for the charity.

The concern Short and Dagenhart share is that the crook may not be a stranger, meaning this might have been an inside job.

Some help arrived as Harriet Gartrell stopped by MyHouse Wednesday to donate $100 worth of gas cards.

“I just had an overwhelming urge that I needed to come and do it right now,” Gartrell said. “I did, got to my car, went to the gas station and came right over here.”

The break-in may have broken some hearts, but it hasn’t broken the spirit of helping homeless youth in the Mat-Su Valley. The Palmer’s Lions Club also donated $350 to help MyHouse. Directors say this is the second break-in at the nonprofit in nine months.