When you hear the terms “birthing expert” or “doula,” you might picture a woman. But what would you think if “she” was a “he?” Ivanhoe introduces you to a male doula who helps not just the mom-to-be, but the dad-to-be as well.

Welcome to the Rocking Dads class, an introduction to the birthing experience, taught by 46-year-old Brian Salmon, known as the “Birth Guy.”

Salmon is a birthing expert, known as a doula. He’s a man in a traditionally female role, and it brings up a lot of questions.

“The biggest one is, ‘oh my god, how would a woman want a male doula at their birth?’” Salmon said.

But many do. Salmon’s classes are packed and one main reason begins long before the delivery room: he helps dads get ready for their child’s birth in the Rocking Dads class.

His sense of humor helps put these soon-to-be dads at ease, that and the fact that this birthing expert is a guy.

“I think he’s a likable dude, and really brings a lot of comfort to the subject,” said Eval Avnon, an expectant dad.

His information is solid knowledge. Salmon has studied biochemistry and physiology and has a degree in radiology. One topic he teaches dads is the benefits of breast-feeding.

“The baby is getting antigens from mom,” Salmon said. “It prevents breast cancer, certain types of breast cancer in mom, certain types of uterine cancer in mom.”

Clint Belew, a graduate of Salmon’s Rocking Dads class, said, “I tell all my friends, you know, anybody that’s having a baby coming up, I’m going, ‘hey, you gotta go and see this guy cuz he’s gonna change your whole experience.’”

You can find Salmon’s Brian the Birth Guy videos on-line, along with a lot of other information at thebirthguy.com. And to learn how to become a birth doula yourself, visit dona.org.