Nolan Youngmun, University of Alaska Fairbanks student and hockey player, has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman on campus April 5.

The charges of first- and second-degree assault were brought against Youngmun after a woman living on the UAF campus reported the incident to university police on April 10.

Youngmun and another male were reportedly visiting another female at the victim’s apartment around 3 a.m. April 5, according to court documents. At some point during the visit, Youngmun allegedly entered the victim’s room naked, woke her and proceeded to sexually assault her, ignoring her requests to stop.

Shortly after, Youngmun allegedly “raised his finger to his lips and said, ‘shhhh,'” an action the victim told police felt threatening to her, according to court documents.

University police obtained a warrant to record conversations between the victim and Youngmun, during which he initially denied the encounter, but later said, “OK, well if we did I did not force you to do anything.” The insistence that the encounter was consensual carried over to Youngmun’s interview with UAF campus police, despite his claim that “he didn’t remember many portions of the night,” court documents stated.

Campus police also collected DNA evidence from the victim’s room.

Youngmun was arraigned Wednesday in Fairbanks. He was also suspended from playing for the Alaska Nanooks, UAF’s hockey team, and trespassed from campus, meaning he will face up to one year imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 if found on campus.

When allegations of sexual assault or harassment are brought to the attention of university officials, the first step is ensure the victim’s safety and access to necessary mental and physical care, UAF spokeswoman Marmian Grimes said. An investigation into the reported incident would follow, and if a break in university policy was confirmed, the Dean of Students would take over in deciding how the accused would be dealt with by campus, including and up to expulsion. Throughout the process, Grimes said, local law enforcement agencies off-campus are included in sharing of evidence and testimony.

Grimes says witnesses and victims of sexual assaults are encouraged to come forward with information, in order to help “build a culture against violence of all forms on campus.”

University police are asking anyone with information on the April 5 assault to contact them at 907-474-7721.