The Anchorage Police Department is investigating a home invasion that took place in Fairview Monday night.

Police say three men wearing hoodies entered 92-year-old John Scott’s East 13th Avenue apartment and robbed him at gunpoint. Scott says they stole a safe that contained thousands of dollars.

“Ain’t nothing I can do but look at them,” Scott recalled. “Glad they left me alive.”

One of the suspects also allegedly assaulted a woman in her 50s who was visiting Scott and tried to defend him, he says.

“He jumped over this table and hit her over there with his pistol,” Scott said, describing the attack.

Nadine Jackson, an upstairs neighbor, says she heard the attack and rushed down to help.

“She was bleeding from her head,” Jackson said of the female victim. “She had blood all over her shirt and it was all over the ground and she was just walking around hysterical.”

The woman was treated at an Anchorage hospital and released, Scott says.

The robbery was not the first time Scott has been attacked in his home. In April, he was shot three times by another intruder.

“Shot in the leg, in the side and the arm. What can I do? They know I’m helpless,” Scott said.

Police say the descriptions of the recent robbery’s suspects are “weak,” but Scott says he has an idea who did it. He says one of the suspects tried to sell him a gun two weeks before the attack.

“I believe this is a targeted incident, that they knew what was there,” said APD Sgt. Mike Couterier.

The investigations into both attacks are ongoing. No suspects have been arrested in either case.