An Anchorage man has been arrested after leading police on a car chase, during which the suspect hit an officer with his vehicle, according to Anchorage police.

The incident began when police received a phone call just before 2 a.m. Wednesday from a person reporting “a man who appeared passed out in a running vehicle,” according to a statement from police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro. The vehicle was parked with its lights on at Moose Run Circle.

Police found 33-year-old John Robert Fuller sleeping inside the vehicle. Once awake, Fuller refused to provide police with any information, according to Castro, and even gave them a fake name. When officers told him he was being investigated for operating his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, he reportedly put the key in the ignition and took off.

Castro confirmed that operating a vehicle while intoxicated, even when it is parked, is enough to warrant an investigation.

While fleeing, Fuller struck a patrol vehicle parked behind him and hit an officer, causing a minor injury to his leg. That officer was later taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to Castro.

Police pursued Fuller and tried to pin his vehicle on Ladasa Place, Castro wrote. Fuller pushed through the pin and drove across a front yard, striking a home as he drove by. Fuller then abandoned the vehicle and took of on foot.

After setting up a perimeter, police began to track Fuller with a K9 unit. He was found in a wooded area near Candywine Circle. Fuller reportedly ignored verbal commands to come out, so K9 Aerie was sent after Fuller, who ran eastbound.

Castro said Aerie “latched on” to Fuller, allowing police to arrest him. He was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries and collection of a blood sample.

APD K9 Aerie

Anchorage Police Department

Fuller faces charges of making a false report, driving with a revoked license, third-degree assault, first-degree felony eluding, resisting arrest, third- and fourth-degree criminal mischief and five counts of reckless endangerment. Castro also noted he may be charged with operating under the influence, based on behavioral observations by police and a witness, the smell of alcohol on him and the results of the alcohol-blood test.

Fuller has three prior driving under the influence convictions and multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants, according to police.