The Department of Corrections said Wednesday the arrest of one of their own was frustrating for commissioner Dean Williams, but a small victory for a new DOC internal affairs unit.

At a press conference, Williams credited the successful investigation and arrest of Goose Creek Corrections officer Adam Spindler, 32, to the commissioner’s new Professional Conduct Unit, a small team charged with internal investigations at the DOC.

Spindler faces federal charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession of controlled substances. On Tuesday, he was caught attempting to smuggle heroin and marijuana into the Wasilla prison.

“Quite frankly, this information was developed as a result of our unit that we just set up,” said Williams.

The unit is supposed to rebuild the public’s faith in the department.

“This really, I think, represents a new era of public trust, as well as staff trust,” said Williams. “When problems are brought to us, we’re going to do something about it.”

The DOC contacted the FBI about Spindler earlier this month. FBI Special Agent Martin Culbreth said it is the type of government corruption and misconduct they are trying to prevent.

“People that have been given a sense of responsibility to uphold the law have got to be held accountable to the public and that is what we are aiming to do,” said Culbreth. “The investigation of public corruption is a big deal to us.”

U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler said no one else has been charged in the case, but the investigation is ongoing. She said she is proud of how quickly and efficiently the three agencies collaborated.

“We had a very quick investigation and turnaround because of the cooperation and the desire of Corrections and the superintendent of Goose Creek to make sure these places are safe,” said Loeffler.