At least one person has attempted to scam Alaskans out of money in a complicated scheme in which the victim is told they have a warrant for their arrest, according to an alert sent out by Alaska State Troopers and the Anchorage Police Department.

“The caller explains to their victim that a court date was missed or a warrant has been issued for them or a family member,” troopers explained in the alert. “The caller then asks that the person get prepaid debit cards to pay off the required fee. The scammer provides the victims with a 1-800 number to contact the caller and leave a message for additional instructions if needed.”

The phone number 1-800-935-7570 has been identified as one of the numbers given out by the scammers. The scam has been used in multiple communities around the state, according to troopers.

The scam has been reported to law enforcement before, and both APD and AST spokespeople have said neither agency accepts or requests payments over the phone.

Troopers said active warrants can be found on their website.