This story originates from KYUK Public Media and was republished with permission

BETHEL — Gunshots rang outside Bethel’s AC Quickstop Thursday night.

Police and medics responded and found an unidentified male had been shot at and four bystanders assaulted, according to a Facebook post by the Bethel Police Department.

The bystanders were uninjured, and medics transported the unidentified male to the hospital and treated him for minor injuries from being hit with a gun.

Police questioned witnesses at the scene who said they’d seen a man ride off on a bicycle. Officers searched the area and found a man matching the witnesses’ description— Bethel resident Daniel Misner, 32.

Misner was intoxicated, and after questioning and searching the suspect, police found a handgun in the waistband of the Misner’s pants.

Misner is being held for attempted murder, four assault counts, misconduct involving a weapon and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.