An Anchorage couple is asking for help identifying the driver of a blue Ford F-150 after being chased and rammed repeatedly by the unknown vehicle Friday evening.

Cell phone video making rounds on social media this weekend shows couple’s view from inside their sport utility vehicle as it was hit repeatedly by the pickup truck. Grace Bernert recorded the event from the passenger seat of the SUV. Her boyfriend was driving and his two-year-old daughter can be seen in the back seat.

“The guy was so close, we couldn’t see his headlights,” Bernert recalled Sunday.

The couple and toddler were on their way home from downtown Anchorage when they noticed the Ford F-150 following close behind them. They tried to get away by going into the Sullivan Arena parking lot. That’s when Bernert recorded the short video before calling 911. She estimates the truck hit their SUV “five to seven times.” Her boyfriend then drove to the Cal Worthington Ford parking lot in a continued effort to avoid the driver.

road rage driver blue truck

“We started doing circles around the brand-new Fords because we thought the truck wouldn’t be able to turn as fast as we would,” said Bernert. “We were right, but the guy didn’t care. He just kept hitting the new Fords and backing up, coming after us.”

Bernert said the truck hit three or four vehicles in the Worthington lot. The dealership declined to comment on the incident.

The couple eventually drove into a nearby neighborhood and got away from the pickup. Bernert said she believes they were targeted, but doesn’t know why.

“The guy was either some random, sick person who didn’t care or somebody who knew us and didn’t care there was a kid in the car,” she said.

Police arrived a short time after the driver left, and the couple filed a report. The Anchorage Police Department is investigating the incident. APD spokesperson Renee Oistad said calling 911 is the smart thing to do if being followed by an aggressive driver, and to avoid driving to your own house.

“Do not show them where you live. If you’re already in your neighborhood when you realize this is happening, keep driving and drive away,” said Oistad.

She also encouraged people to call the non-emergency number — 907-786-8900 — if the incident was over.

Bernert did not manage to get the license plate number of the truck. She describes the vehicle as a blue 2001 Ford F-150 with a bug shield on the hood and a damaged headlight. She said the driver was a man with dark hair who was wearing a suit.

“We want the guy to go to jail, [and] fix the damages that he did,” said Bernert.

She is hoping someone recognizes the truck and turns in the driver.

“We’re scared,” said Bernert. “I can’t sleep because I’m terrified someone is following me.”

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