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ANCHORAGE — An Anchorage man pled not guilty on Thursday to charges of robbery and assault. Jason Vukovich, 41, is accused of tracking down men on the state’s online sex offender registry, going to their homes and beating them up.

One of the victim’s in the case, Wesley Demarest, said he was sleeping when Vukovich broke into his home in late-June. Demarest is a registered sex offender who pled no contest to attempted sexual abuse of a minor in 2006.

“He told me to lay down on my bed and I said ‘no.’ He said ‘get on your knees,’ and I said ‘no’. He said ‘I’m an avenging angel, I’m going to met out justice for the people you hurt,’” said Demarest.

According to Demarest, Vukovich then beat him on the head with a hammer and fractured his skull. He is still recovering.

Charging documents state Vukovich tracked down three victims over three nights in late-June. He was arrested on the same night he’s accused of assaulting Demarest.

On Thursday, a judge set Vukovich’s bail at $100,000.

His trail has been tentatively set for Oct. 17.


Original story

An Anchorage man has been arrested and indicted on multiple charges of assault, robbery, burglary and theft after conducting targeted attacks on registered sex offenders, according to a Wednesday release from the Alaska Attorney General’s Office.

According to prosecutors, 41-year-old Jason Christian Vukovich attacked at least three men listed on the Alaska Sex Offender Registry between June 25 and June 29 of this year.

The first incident occurred on June 25, in which Vukovich robbed and assaulted Charles Albee, prosecutors said. The victim reported to police that a man with “shoulder-length hair and a black leather jacket” had broken into his apartment, assaulted and robbed him. He told police that the attacker called him by his name and explained he was there because Albee was on the sex offender list.

“Albee reported the man had a notebook containing a list of names,” prosecutors wrote.

Two days after the first attack, Andres Barbosa — also a registered sex offender — reported to police that he had been robbed and attacked by a man with “shoulder-length hair and a black leather jacket” carrying a hammer. The attacker, who was allegedly accompanied by two women, told Barbosa he was there because of his “past crimes.”

On June 29, Wesley Demarest and Stanley Brown reported to police that a man had broken into their home and attacked Demarest with a hammer, seriously injuring him. In similar fashion to the other attacks, Vukovich told Demarest he had found him on the list of registered sex offenders in Alaska, the release stated.

Vukovich was pulled over during a traffic stop as officers were responding to Demarest’s home. In his car, police found the notebook with the victims’ names and items stolen from each of the victims homes.

He is charged with three class A felonies, four class B felonies and 11 class C felonies. If convicted, Vukovich could face 35 years total for the combined crimes.

His bail was set at $10,000 , plus a court-appointed third party custody required for his release.