On Monday, a grand jury indicted an Anchorage man on charges related to the stabbing death of his wife on July 27, according to a statement from District Attorney Clint Campion. Charges of first- and second-degree murder were handed down to 33-year-old Kelly “Zane” Frederick.

Anchorage police arrested Frederick the night of his wife’s murder. He was being held down by two people when police arrived at the couple’s apartment building on East 46th Court, police said. They found his wife, 33-year-old Eva Edwardson, dead inside one of the apartments, a knife lying next to her.

Other residents of the building said they heard Edwardson screaming and saw Frederick come out of their apartment later with blood on his hands.

Frederick was initially held without bail, but then a judge granted a $250,000 cash appearance bond with a third-party custodian requirement. He will be arraigned again on Wednesday in Superior Court, Campion wrote.