Anchorage police have released more information Thursday about the armed man in a car on the on-ramp for Minnesota Drive on Wednesday. Namely, the suspect was identified as 29-year-old Joseph Szajkowski — the man involved in a separate standoff with police on Sept. 22.

Just after 6 p.m. Wednesday, the Anchorage Police Department (APD) was told about a suspicious vehicle where a man had been sitting while in a parking lot near the 3900 block of West 86th Avenue for several hours. Police state in a Thursday release that officers responded to the lot and Szajkowski left heading east on Dimond Boulevard.

Officers stopped Szajkowski on the southbound Minnesota on-ramp from Dimond Boulevard. According to the release, Szajkowski would not follow instructions or commands from APD. When officers observed a gun in the vehicle, additional officers were dispatched to assist, police stated.

Hours later Wednesday night, negotiators were called out to the scene to see if they could get Szajkowski to cooperate with police. That, too, was unsuccessful.

While on scene, APD learned Szajkowski’s identity and his involvement in a SWAT standoff with police in September, where officers had to breach the door of the man’s home to arrest him. Szajkowski was charged with domestic-violence-related assault and kidnapping in connection to that incident.

Around 10 p.m., police say they made the decision to de-escalate the situation and clear the scene. APD said Szajkowski was unable to start his vehicle to leave and an officer stayed behind to provide flares for the vehicle until it could be moved.

APD stated Thursday they had a warrant for Szajkowski’s arrest on a charge of disobeying lawful order of a public officer — a misdemeanor — though Szajkowski was never taken into custody Wednesday night.

The district attorney’s office is still prosecuting Szajkowski for the Sept. 22, standoff, police said.

The DA’s office filed an application Thursday for a bail review for Szajkowski, APD’s release states, asking a judge to determine whether the man’s current bail is adequate to ensure public safety.